Team 666

Cut scene

The interior of an expensive looking penthouse apartment, windows looking out over the wintry sky-line of Freedom city. An enormous tv screen is showing live news coverage of the fight with Metal Guru as Pyriel being winched from the harbour as Fulcrum pursues Guru into the city. The room is untidily cluttered with paintings, sculptures and objet d’art stacked around a large sofa on which reclines the man in the silver suit. He is flicking through a pile of brochures from museums advertising exhibitions. He pauses over one advertising the treasures of ancient Irem and looks thoughtfully at the screen as we see paramedics working on Pyriel and note that the front cover of the pamphlet shows Pyriel’s tomb.

Bearing gifts they come

A deep space probe at the edge of our solar system is destroyed by the glowing orbs from Fulcrum’s dreams. They are clearly heading for earth.

Metal Guru reveals his insane plan as the mind controlled people are forced to gather what valuables they can and head to the docks where he intends to set ssil for Russia. Battle ensues with our heroes taking on the guru and his sidekick frostbite. We learn that metal guru is vulnerable to magnetism and that Pyriel can be harmed. Wounded near to death he has to be fished from the harbour by the emergency services whilst the others pursue Metal guru into the city. Frostbite has made his own escape across the waves.

End scene is of a naked angel that looks an awful lot like Pyriel walking from the foundry. He encounters two workmen. They are to be tested by fire and sadly fail to pass. The Pyriel look a like leaves them charcoal.

Christmas presents

Whilst Fulcrum dreams of strange molten orbs flying through space the others make some surprising discoveries.

Pyriel’s sojourn at the lighthouse is interrupted by the arrival of Lucifer inhabiting the body of the businessman again. He congratulates Pyriel on breaking the truce with his prayers and thus triggering armageddon. He refuses to tell him who entombed him.

Vortex learns that Alexander Washington is indeed a centaur and his real name is Chiron. He has been tasked by Zeus with looking after Vortex. Zeus is Vortex’s father. Zeus is one of the Eternals; a group of immortal beings who while away eternity playing their great game in which they manipulate humanity indirectly. Chiron explains that Pyriel has broken the truce between heaven and hell by manifesting openly on Earth and thus leaving the way open for the apocalypse.

Vortex and Pyriel restart Pyriel’s powers by dropping him in a steel foundry. Our heroes get together again and meet up with Dr Caius who has been looking after Pyriel’s cat. It is at this point that news reports start coming in of people being taken over.

The end piece is of a silver clad man appearing in a museum and stealing lots of paintings before disappearing into thin air.

Twas the night before Christmas

Begins with a view of what appear to be surveillance shots of Pyriel’s home. Voices with british accents are discussing the difficulties of picking up any trace of him. They speak of having to use some sort of bait.

Our heroes manage to persuade some of the physicists to let them use their equipment to subject Pyriel to a magnetic field in the hope that this may remove the nanites he unwittingly ingested. The scientists subject Pyriel to a field of enormous intensity apparently robbing him of his cosmic powers. The team retires to Pyriel’s rooms to consider this turn of events and the angel attempts to contact anyone from heaven or hell that might be listening. His prayers are answered only by Warlord who was one of the speakers in the opening and has come to kidnap him. Battle ensues. The room is wrecked again. An obsidian paperweight lands on a taxi cab. Fulcrum keeps Warlord busy long enough for Vortex to escape with Pyriel.

Vortex takes Pyriel to hide in an abandoned lighthouse and there the angel contemplates the loss of his powers.

Fulcrum rests to recover his strength after the battle with Warlord

Vortex goes to the christmas eve meal at Alexander’s house only to get a surprise. It has been some months since he saw his old friend in person and he would appear to be a centaur.

Ending is a view of the Warehouse club clearly setting up for the evenings festivities. There is a lot of Black Snow amongst their preparations.

Snow and Ice

Open at some military tracking station where it would seem the authorities are getting closer to locating Frank. Colonel Hammer is supervising and gives the order to dispatch the recovery team. The map shows Freedom city as their destination.

Our heroes decide to investigate Conrad Walker the unfortunate young man whose head exploded in the scanner. They go to his appartment and thanks to Fulcrum make their entrance quietly. The team have not been searching long when they are interrupted by the arrival of the security man and a young man. Vertex escapes through the window, Fulcrum hides and Pyriel confronts them. The young man is Frostbite and he is not happy to see the angel. A fight ensues in which Pyriel is knocked unconscious but Frostbite is still defeated by the efforts of the other two. Pyriel terrifies the security guard but can get no useful information from him. Frostbite they take for questioning on top of a building under construction. He gives little away when questioned and they let him go. They know that The Warehouse is the club where they saw the drugs first anyway. As they sit on top of the building a black helicopter with no lights flies by. They head back to Frank.

A raucous party is in full swing when they get back to Pyriel’s home but the angel soon puts a stop to it. Frank knows the military are coming for him and the team try to question him as quickly as they can. They learn that Frank is an extra-dimensional being that interacts with our dimension through the robot body. They learn that The Authority is a force that tries to maintain balance in the Universe and they also learn that Frank knows what is written on Pyriel’s tomb but won’t tell him. They have confirmed that the likely purpose of the nanites is mind-control.Colonel Hammer and his team arrive and take the robot away. Vortex looks at the picture of the tomb and can see more in the picture than the others can. It’s late and Vortex is meeting with his old friend Alexander Washington on christmas eve, he and Fulcrum head off to get some rest.

Endpiece is a view of a chamber where a massive machine is under construction and Frostbite informs Metalguru that they have a problem with some meddling heroes.

Black snow

A montage first to see what our heroes have been up to during the gap. Each has experienced some strange things since the battle with Tribune.

Fulcrum has started hearing voices, or to be correct his own voice, telling him things about his role as an agent of the Authority and making clear that there are still more powers to be unlocked from the ring.

Pyriel has been watching. Watching humanity, and has developed the ability to escape the notice of passers by in order to better do this. He continues also to look for someone that can translate the writings. Pyriel has adopted a ginger kitten called spot.

Vortex has started seeing things. It seems that he is seeing the spirit forces behind reality itself, the great wings of night for example or a fiery chariot for the sun. This is clearly worrying.

They turn to Professor Julian Caius for help. The professor raises the possibility of a medical problem of some sort. Strings are pulled and a scan is arranged. The man ahead of Vortex on the list dies in the scanner when his head explodes. It’s the 23rd December.

The others are patrolling when the sound of gunfire draws their attention to a poker game going wrong in a hotel bedroom just across the street from their rooftop. One of the players leaps from the window. They rescue him and neutralise the gunman. It is clear though when Vortex arrives and sees through the illusion that the “man” they have rescued is a robot of some kind called Frank . Frank is keen on earthy pursuits and in a nearby strip club they learn that he has escaped from somewhere in Virginia and is keen to avoid going back. The tinfoil lining his hat is to prevent his captors locating him. Frank agrees to stay with Pyriel for now. Understandably Vortex is anxious to discuss his situation. He managed to pinch the wallet of the dead man. The deceased appears to have been a well to do young man with a taste for expensive things including a black powder that Pyriel rubs on his gums before the stripper names it as black snow and Frank identifies it as nanite enhanced cocaine. They recall seeing this powder before at a night club run by the russian mob. Frank informs them that only a couple of individuals have the know how to create something like this; Overmind and Metalguru being the most likely culprits.

We end on a view of a large room in some factory where masked workers process the powder under the watch of a large humanoid figure seemingly made up of metal junk.

Facing the tribunal

From the view of someone sitting at a table in a darkened room. Two others are seated. A bald man in a white high collared jacket and round black goggles and a middle aged man in an expensive black suit with dark glasses. The table is covered with photos of Pyriel. The man in black speaks to the viewer. He states that the “herr Doctor”, indicating the bald man, has identified the individual in the photos as the target. He is the resource they seek. He asks if the viewer and his team will accept the mission. The viewer answers in the affirmative. He has an english accent. He takes one of the photos from the table and we see that his arm is covered in black geometric tattoos. The designs change shape as he moves.

We visit the others in turn.

Pyriel places the remains of Night Witch in an Icelandic volcano and stands for a while midst the snow and fire in silent contemplation. He turns and flies back towards Freedom city at supersonic speed. He is no wiser about his origins but believes the writing on his tomb may hold some key. There is a storm brewing when he gets back and he makes himself comfortable in his loft in the new chair recently delivered by the russian mafia. He settles down to study.

Fulcrum is downtown with his hot dog stand. Serving the snack needs of business types amidst the towering office blocks of the city. He notes the worsening weather and decides to inform Vortex.

Vortex is well aware of the worsening weather. He is on duty at the Coast Guard base and they are monitoring the storm and the ships struggling out in it. His team is scrambled to the aid of the Takeshi Maru a Japanese cargo ship. Vortex notes that his old friend Alexander Washington is still hanging around the base despite being retired. The helicopter heads off out to sea and into the storm.

All three heroes note a sudden interruption in all electrical activity in the city as if some emp pulse had been released. There are concerns that some kind of nuclear weapon may have been detonated.

With some expert flying and a little weather control Vortex and his team manage to safely rescue the mariners. They have a few close calls but all make it alive. Vortex is alarmed to note that there seemed to be a massive shape within the waves deliberately trying to sink the ship and him. He would appear to be the only one that noticed this.

Meanwhile back in the city Fulcrum notes the man who introduced himself as Lucifer leaving a building. He follows the man to the same chauffer driven car he was seen in before. Fulcrum hides himself in the boot of the car and texts the others to let them know. Pyriel flies out of the loft but cannot find the car until Fulcrum’s attempts to check his location distract the driver behind into crashing on the Brooklyn bridge.

Pyriel stops the car by standing in front of it and so fails to notice the arrival of the 3 giant robots that make up Tribune. Pyriel attempts to confront Lucifer but he and Fulcrum are forced to take on the robots. It soon becomes clear that they cannot harm them with standard attacks. Vortex arrives and helps people escape from the damaged bridge including Lucifer who shows no sign at all of recognising him. The heroes fly off over the water with Tribune in pursuit.

The confrontation comes at the Statue of liberty. Calling on their last reserves of strength our champions defeat Tribune. The devastated robots implode in on themselves and disappear. Cheering crowds of tourists hail the victors. There is much rejoicing.

Visiting Emily

We begin somewhere very far away. An observation station of sorts. Countless images float in the darkness. Constantly changing they would appear to show scenes from throughout the universe. An unseen speaker announces that an energy signature has deen detected from agent 60. Apparently the last signal was received 4,573,452,772.239 years ago. A Tribune is to be dispatched to investigate. The Authority will be maintained. The Authority will be respected.

Wednesday 17th September

Vortex cannot sleep. He lies awake in his home, in a nicer part of Brooklyn, thinking of the events of that day. His morning at CGAS Brooklyn at the historic Floyd Bennet air field was interrupted by the arrival of an enormous USMC Colonel wearing the insignia of USSOCOM. discusses the don’t ask don’t tell policy of the US Military with regards to metahumans. He makes it clear that they will be watching. Those that display talents of potential use will be welcomed, those that pose a threat will be eliminated. Vortex’s reverie is ended by his phone. The others have phoned him from Professor Caius’ office.

They meet up in the sky above the Coney Island apartment block where Emily O’Hallorhan lives. Fulcrum goes in by the street entrance. Vortex and Pyriel by the roof. Pyriel sets light to the marijuana crop they find and Vortex blasts the door into the faces of the crop cultivators as they head up to investigate. A very brief fight ensues. The team are soon re-united outside of flat 87. Entering reveals Red Jack and a bound Emily in the sitting room. Arcane symbols have been daubed on the walls and candles gutter on every surface. Battle is joined and Red Jack is no sooner put out of action than the room is plunged into unnatural darkness.

In the dark Emily transforms into Night Witch. She kills the subdued Red Jack and avoids our heroes attacks. Fulcrum throws a sofa through the wall and Night Witch leaves by the hole. Pyriel and Fulcrum go off in pursuit. Vortex stays to deal with the building. The fire department have arrived.

Vortex summons a storm to exstinguish the flames but this also endangers a police helicopter. He uses his powers to guide them safely to the ground and then heads off in pursuit of the others.

Pyriel throws Fulcrum at Night Witch. Grappling her they plummet together towards the Coney Island board walk. She teleports to safety. Her staff is lost. Pyriel tries to catch Fulcrum but can’t quite make it. They smash through the wood into the rubbish below. Pyriel flies up through the hole while Fulcrum makes his way under the planking to try and surprise Night Witch. Vortex takes up position on the roof of a nearby hotdog stand. She uses mind control on Pyriel who is forced, after a few shots, to blast Vortex. He is knocked from the roof into a shooting gallery. Vortex retaliates though with a dumpster that knocks Nightwitch senseless. Pyriel is freed from her control and her force field dissipates, he blasts her into unconsciousness. She is at their mercy.

Pyriel kills Night Witch. Calling on all his reserves he blasts the head from her shoulders.

They stand around wondering what to do with the body as the rain comes down. An expensive car pulls up with a driver who appears to have a tail. His passenger approaches them, dry beneath his umbrella, and discusses their problem. He introduces himself as Lucifer after a lot of prompting and offers to dispose of the body. He parts on friendly terms, leaving our heroes too it as the cops arrive. Pyriel flies to Iceland to dump the body in a volcano. Vortex makes a fog bank to cover their escape, he flies back to Manhattan with Fulcrum. They tell Professor Julian Caius what happened.

We end with a bag lady raking through a pile of rubbish. She cackles with glee as she finds a finely carved staff. Her good humour continues as she tries it out as a walking stick. Her smile fades as someone off screen announces “I’ll take that”. A blast of dark energy tears her apart.

Murder in the college

Monday 15th September 2008

A view of the full moon with it’s new ring system pans down to a girl walking along a sidewalk. She is sniffing and rubbing her nose clearly having, not long ago, taken some confidence boosting substance. Her confidence though is short lived as an unseen assailant attacks her. There is the sound of a blade stabbing flesh.

Professor Julian Caius approaches Fulcrum andPyriel for help with a sensitive matter. Lois Vandergriss was one of his students and it would appear she has been the victim of a vicious murder. The assailant may have had occult knowledge. A former student of his in the pathology labs thought he should know that there was a ritualistic quality to the wounds inflicted on the poor girl. Miss Vandergriss was the daughter of a wealthy family and they seem to have put pressure on the police to suppress the more salacious details. The Professor would like their help in investigating this unfortunate business.

Their first stop is to speak with Rufus Bettancourt head of the Janitorial staff. He shows them the room that the deceased shared with Emily O’Hallorhan. She has gone home to Brooklyn to be with her family. Rufus also tells them of Lois’ relationship with Leo Moretsov. Leo has a connection with the Russian Mafia. His father owns an expensive night club not far from the college.

Grabbing a picture of Leo from his facebook page they first try the phone book and tour the city to no avail. Next they try out the night club. Pyriel teleports in, grabs Leo and teleports out. As they fly to a nearby rooftop they are apprehended by Bug Boy who mistakes them for evil-doers. A brief fight ensues.This takes them past midnight.

Tuesday 16th September.

Once the confusion is cleared they find that Leo has no idea what is happening. They get Bug Boy’s cell-phone number.It is then that they are interrupted by the arrival of The Mangler and the mob. A fight ensues and our heroes escape. Leo and Bug Boy are left behind.

Later that day the papers carry news of the grisly murder of Leo Moretsov and information on the likey connection with the previous murder is also revealed. Our heroes meet in the loft of the Para-psychology building to discuss their next move.

Bug Boy, injured, arrives. He tried to help Leo against the murderer and gives them a description of their assailant. He describes Red Jack. Pyriel heals him but he’s still badly shaken by what happened and leaves them to it. They go with the Professor to see Dr Daphne Margoyles an expert in Faerie.

The Dr tells them of Red Jack and how once summoned he needs to kill every day until either the summoner allows him to kill them or he is destroyed. Armed with this information they decide to take the Prof home. It’s a trap. The russians are waiting for them. Fulcrum punches The Mangler through the window and Pyriel persuades them to end the fight. The russians leave promising to repair the damage. Caius is advised to sleep elswhere tonight.

They decide to visit Emily O’Hallorhan in Brooklyn. It’s getting very late.

Battling NAZIs at the UN

A large room in an expensive old-fashioned gentleman’s club. A number of men, their faces unseen, stand around what appears at first glance to be a big billiard table. The table is in fact a map of the world and arrayed on it are hundreds of tiny figurines. One of the men holds his hand poised with a figurine over the eastern coast of the USA. He seems to be hesitating. One of his fellows enquires at this delay. “Are you sure you want to place him there Brontios. What with two Celestials and an agent of The Authority already in play?” The question goes unanswered and the figure is placed.

July 8th 2008.

Vortex flies his helicopter around the coast of Manhattan. His team are there to provide cover for a powerboat race planned for later in the day. The race will not happen. The approaching helicopter is noted by Pyriel as he eats one of Fulcrum’s hotdogs in the park in front of the UN. Then the NAZIs arrive.

Flying saucers buzz past the helicopter knocking it off course and into a brush with one of the pylons of a nearby bridge. Vortex manages to coax the stricken vehicle under and then back over the bridge trashing a poultry truck in the process. The feathers released by the unfortunate chickens kill the ‘copter’s engines and Vortex has to use his power to land the vehicle safely in the park. Pyriel and Fulcrum “change” into their super identities and rush to the aid of the downed coastguards. All escape to safety.

Meanwhile the NAZIs have been blasting the building. One of the saucers then lands and a team of clone soldiers disembarks. Most enter the UN HQ but three remain as guards and face off against the team. Vortex wears his Helmet visor down and has pulled the name tag from his flight suit.

Pyriel drops one from a height, Fulcrum beats up the others and Vortex forces the returning saucer to crash into the building. The saucer explodes bringing the building down onto the park where the rubble threatens to crush the FDR parkway tunnel below. Fulcrum drifts down through the ground into the tunnel and tries to prop the roof with a mini-van. Vortex and Pyriel enter by the access ramp and help get the people out. Pyriel calms the people and so enables their safe escape but gets himself photographed in the process. !Photobucket

Our heroes are now real heroes.


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