Team 666

Battling NAZIs at the UN

A large room in an expensive old-fashioned gentleman’s club. A number of men, their faces unseen, stand around what appears at first glance to be a big billiard table. The table is in fact a map of the world and arrayed on it are hundreds of tiny figurines. One of the men holds his hand poised with a figurine over the eastern coast of the USA. He seems to be hesitating. One of his fellows enquires at this delay. “Are you sure you want to place him there Brontios. What with two Celestials and an agent of The Authority already in play?” The question goes unanswered and the figure is placed.

July 8th 2008.

Vortex flies his helicopter around the coast of Manhattan. His team are there to provide cover for a powerboat race planned for later in the day. The race will not happen. The approaching helicopter is noted by Pyriel as he eats one of Fulcrum’s hotdogs in the park in front of the UN. Then the NAZIs arrive.

Flying saucers buzz past the helicopter knocking it off course and into a brush with one of the pylons of a nearby bridge. Vortex manages to coax the stricken vehicle under and then back over the bridge trashing a poultry truck in the process. The feathers released by the unfortunate chickens kill the ‘copter’s engines and Vortex has to use his power to land the vehicle safely in the park. Pyriel and Fulcrum “change” into their super identities and rush to the aid of the downed coastguards. All escape to safety.

Meanwhile the NAZIs have been blasting the building. One of the saucers then lands and a team of clone soldiers disembarks. Most enter the UN HQ but three remain as guards and face off against the team. Vortex wears his Helmet visor down and has pulled the name tag from his flight suit.

Pyriel drops one from a height, Fulcrum beats up the others and Vortex forces the returning saucer to crash into the building. The saucer explodes bringing the building down onto the park where the rubble threatens to crush the FDR parkway tunnel below. Fulcrum drifts down through the ground into the tunnel and tries to prop the roof with a mini-van. Vortex and Pyriel enter by the access ramp and help get the people out. Pyriel calms the people and so enables their safe escape but gets himself photographed in the process. !Photobucket

Our heroes are now real heroes.



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