Team 666

Bearing gifts they come

A deep space probe at the edge of our solar system is destroyed by the glowing orbs from Fulcrum’s dreams. They are clearly heading for earth.

Metal Guru reveals his insane plan as the mind controlled people are forced to gather what valuables they can and head to the docks where he intends to set ssil for Russia. Battle ensues with our heroes taking on the guru and his sidekick frostbite. We learn that metal guru is vulnerable to magnetism and that Pyriel can be harmed. Wounded near to death he has to be fished from the harbour by the emergency services whilst the others pursue Metal guru into the city. Frostbite has made his own escape across the waves.

End scene is of a naked angel that looks an awful lot like Pyriel walking from the foundry. He encounters two workmen. They are to be tested by fire and sadly fail to pass. The Pyriel look a like leaves them charcoal.



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