Team 666

Christmas presents

Whilst Fulcrum dreams of strange molten orbs flying through space the others make some surprising discoveries.

Pyriel’s sojourn at the lighthouse is interrupted by the arrival of Lucifer inhabiting the body of the businessman again. He congratulates Pyriel on breaking the truce with his prayers and thus triggering armageddon. He refuses to tell him who entombed him.

Vortex learns that Alexander Washington is indeed a centaur and his real name is Chiron. He has been tasked by Zeus with looking after Vortex. Zeus is Vortex’s father. Zeus is one of the Eternals; a group of immortal beings who while away eternity playing their great game in which they manipulate humanity indirectly. Chiron explains that Pyriel has broken the truce between heaven and hell by manifesting openly on Earth and thus leaving the way open for the apocalypse.

Vortex and Pyriel restart Pyriel’s powers by dropping him in a steel foundry. Our heroes get together again and meet up with Dr Caius who has been looking after Pyriel’s cat. It is at this point that news reports start coming in of people being taken over.

The end piece is of a silver clad man appearing in a museum and stealing lots of paintings before disappearing into thin air.



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