Team 666

Murder in the college

Monday 15th September 2008

A view of the full moon with it’s new ring system pans down to a girl walking along a sidewalk. She is sniffing and rubbing her nose clearly having, not long ago, taken some confidence boosting substance. Her confidence though is short lived as an unseen assailant attacks her. There is the sound of a blade stabbing flesh.

Professor Julian Caius approaches Fulcrum andPyriel for help with a sensitive matter. Lois Vandergriss was one of his students and it would appear she has been the victim of a vicious murder. The assailant may have had occult knowledge. A former student of his in the pathology labs thought he should know that there was a ritualistic quality to the wounds inflicted on the poor girl. Miss Vandergriss was the daughter of a wealthy family and they seem to have put pressure on the police to suppress the more salacious details. The Professor would like their help in investigating this unfortunate business.

Their first stop is to speak with Rufus Bettancourt head of the Janitorial staff. He shows them the room that the deceased shared with Emily O’Hallorhan. She has gone home to Brooklyn to be with her family. Rufus also tells them of Lois’ relationship with Leo Moretsov. Leo has a connection with the Russian Mafia. His father owns an expensive night club not far from the college.

Grabbing a picture of Leo from his facebook page they first try the phone book and tour the city to no avail. Next they try out the night club. Pyriel teleports in, grabs Leo and teleports out. As they fly to a nearby rooftop they are apprehended by Bug Boy who mistakes them for evil-doers. A brief fight ensues.This takes them past midnight.

Tuesday 16th September.

Once the confusion is cleared they find that Leo has no idea what is happening. They get Bug Boy’s cell-phone number.It is then that they are interrupted by the arrival of The Mangler and the mob. A fight ensues and our heroes escape. Leo and Bug Boy are left behind.

Later that day the papers carry news of the grisly murder of Leo Moretsov and information on the likey connection with the previous murder is also revealed. Our heroes meet in the loft of the Para-psychology building to discuss their next move.

Bug Boy, injured, arrives. He tried to help Leo against the murderer and gives them a description of their assailant. He describes Red Jack. Pyriel heals him but he’s still badly shaken by what happened and leaves them to it. They go with the Professor to see Dr Daphne Margoyles an expert in Faerie.

The Dr tells them of Red Jack and how once summoned he needs to kill every day until either the summoner allows him to kill them or he is destroyed. Armed with this information they decide to take the Prof home. It’s a trap. The russians are waiting for them. Fulcrum punches The Mangler through the window and Pyriel persuades them to end the fight. The russians leave promising to repair the damage. Caius is advised to sleep elswhere tonight.

They decide to visit Emily O’Hallorhan in Brooklyn. It’s getting very late.



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