Team 666

Snow and Ice

Open at some military tracking station where it would seem the authorities are getting closer to locating Frank. Colonel Hammer is supervising and gives the order to dispatch the recovery team. The map shows Freedom city as their destination.

Our heroes decide to investigate Conrad Walker the unfortunate young man whose head exploded in the scanner. They go to his appartment and thanks to Fulcrum make their entrance quietly. The team have not been searching long when they are interrupted by the arrival of the security man and a young man. Vertex escapes through the window, Fulcrum hides and Pyriel confronts them. The young man is Frostbite and he is not happy to see the angel. A fight ensues in which Pyriel is knocked unconscious but Frostbite is still defeated by the efforts of the other two. Pyriel terrifies the security guard but can get no useful information from him. Frostbite they take for questioning on top of a building under construction. He gives little away when questioned and they let him go. They know that The Warehouse is the club where they saw the drugs first anyway. As they sit on top of the building a black helicopter with no lights flies by. They head back to Frank.

A raucous party is in full swing when they get back to Pyriel’s home but the angel soon puts a stop to it. Frank knows the military are coming for him and the team try to question him as quickly as they can. They learn that Frank is an extra-dimensional being that interacts with our dimension through the robot body. They learn that The Authority is a force that tries to maintain balance in the Universe and they also learn that Frank knows what is written on Pyriel’s tomb but won’t tell him. They have confirmed that the likely purpose of the nanites is mind-control.Colonel Hammer and his team arrive and take the robot away. Vortex looks at the picture of the tomb and can see more in the picture than the others can. It’s late and Vortex is meeting with his old friend Alexander Washington on christmas eve, he and Fulcrum head off to get some rest.

Endpiece is a view of a chamber where a massive machine is under construction and Frostbite informs Metalguru that they have a problem with some meddling heroes.


A nice bleak “empire” end to the middle installment. Love it!!

Snow and Ice

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