Team 666

Twas the night before Christmas

Begins with a view of what appear to be surveillance shots of Pyriel’s home. Voices with british accents are discussing the difficulties of picking up any trace of him. They speak of having to use some sort of bait.

Our heroes manage to persuade some of the physicists to let them use their equipment to subject Pyriel to a magnetic field in the hope that this may remove the nanites he unwittingly ingested. The scientists subject Pyriel to a field of enormous intensity apparently robbing him of his cosmic powers. The team retires to Pyriel’s rooms to consider this turn of events and the angel attempts to contact anyone from heaven or hell that might be listening. His prayers are answered only by Warlord who was one of the speakers in the opening and has come to kidnap him. Battle ensues. The room is wrecked again. An obsidian paperweight lands on a taxi cab. Fulcrum keeps Warlord busy long enough for Vortex to escape with Pyriel.

Vortex takes Pyriel to hide in an abandoned lighthouse and there the angel contemplates the loss of his powers.

Fulcrum rests to recover his strength after the battle with Warlord

Vortex goes to the christmas eve meal at Alexander’s house only to get a surprise. It has been some months since he saw his old friend in person and he would appear to be a centaur.

Ending is a view of the Warehouse club clearly setting up for the evenings festivities. There is a lot of Black Snow amongst their preparations.


Errr, my comment meant for here. Sorry, im not very good with IT stuff.

Repaste: A nice bleak “empire” end to the middle installment. Love it!!

Twas the night before Christmas

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