Farm boy with a ring of power


Dan East comes from a small town outside Freedom city, he is the second son of a farmer. Both parents are dead and the farm is run by his older brother. Fulcrum’s powers stem from The Ring. One day walking out in the fields a meteorite struck and after investigating the crater he found The Ring. Once discovering my new powers He decided to move to freedom city in search of the hero’s life. Initially employed by his uncle Ezekiel East as a hotdog vendor so that he might learn the hotdog business from the ground up. He took the job with his uncle as a means to an end to aid in his crime fighting

The costume is purple lycra normally worn under the clothes

hopes for the future – to find love and possibly a family develop as a super hero possibly better job that can run in tandem with crime fighting logo the same on ring and chest


Team 666 Wiggum