Coast guard helicopter pilot with the power of weather control.


Real name is Harold “Harry” Caine.

An only child, his parents were killed when the plane they were on was struck by lightning. Harry, age 4 was on the plane too. It is unknown whether the lightning strike modified his genetic structure in some way, perhaps causing a catalyst a mutant gene. Presumably, the onset of his powers allowed him to survive the plane crash as everyone else was killed. He has an on/off relationship with Betty, the coast guard coordinator at Freedom city. Because of his “super” commitments he hasn’t been able to maintain a steady relationship with her.

He has maintained his position in the coast guard, the military convieniently made up a cover story for him?

His costume would be a nice blue neoprene affair, somewhat similiar to a wet suit. The suit has a golden whirlwind in the center of the chest. He covers his face with a modified flight helmet which is now more of a visor.

Only became aware of his powers (source unknown) in early 2008. Most trusted friend is Alexander Washington his now retired co-pilot.


Team 666 Vortex