Team 666

Facing the tribunal

From the view of someone sitting at a table in a darkened room. Two others are seated. A bald man in a white high collared jacket and round black goggles and a middle aged man in an expensive black suit with dark glasses. The table is covered with photos of Pyriel. The man in black speaks to the viewer. He states that the “herr Doctor”, indicating the bald man, has identified the individual in the photos as the target. He is the resource they seek. He asks if the viewer and his team will accept the mission. The viewer answers in the affirmative. He has an english accent. He takes one of the photos from the table and we see that his arm is covered in black geometric tattoos. The designs change shape as he moves.

We visit the others in turn.

Pyriel places the remains of Night Witch in an Icelandic volcano and stands for a while midst the snow and fire in silent contemplation. He turns and flies back towards Freedom city at supersonic speed. He is no wiser about his origins but believes the writing on his tomb may hold some key. There is a storm brewing when he gets back and he makes himself comfortable in his loft in the new chair recently delivered by the russian mafia. He settles down to study.

Fulcrum is downtown with his hot dog stand. Serving the snack needs of business types amidst the towering office blocks of the city. He notes the worsening weather and decides to inform Vortex.

Vortex is well aware of the worsening weather. He is on duty at the Coast Guard base and they are monitoring the storm and the ships struggling out in it. His team is scrambled to the aid of the Takeshi Maru a Japanese cargo ship. Vortex notes that his old friend Alexander Washington is still hanging around the base despite being retired. The helicopter heads off out to sea and into the storm.

All three heroes note a sudden interruption in all electrical activity in the city as if some emp pulse had been released. There are concerns that some kind of nuclear weapon may have been detonated.

With some expert flying and a little weather control Vortex and his team manage to safely rescue the mariners. They have a few close calls but all make it alive. Vortex is alarmed to note that there seemed to be a massive shape within the waves deliberately trying to sink the ship and him. He would appear to be the only one that noticed this.

Meanwhile back in the city Fulcrum notes the man who introduced himself as Lucifer leaving a building. He follows the man to the same chauffer driven car he was seen in before. Fulcrum hides himself in the boot of the car and texts the others to let them know. Pyriel flies out of the loft but cannot find the car until Fulcrum’s attempts to check his location distract the driver behind into crashing on the Brooklyn bridge.

Pyriel stops the car by standing in front of it and so fails to notice the arrival of the 3 giant robots that make up Tribune. Pyriel attempts to confront Lucifer but he and Fulcrum are forced to take on the robots. It soon becomes clear that they cannot harm them with standard attacks. Vortex arrives and helps people escape from the damaged bridge including Lucifer who shows no sign at all of recognising him. The heroes fly off over the water with Tribune in pursuit.

The confrontation comes at the Statue of liberty. Calling on their last reserves of strength our champions defeat Tribune. The devastated robots implode in on themselves and disappear. Cheering crowds of tourists hail the victors. There is much rejoicing.



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