Team 666

Visiting Emily

We begin somewhere very far away. An observation station of sorts. Countless images float in the darkness. Constantly changing they would appear to show scenes from throughout the universe. An unseen speaker announces that an energy signature has deen detected from agent 60. Apparently the last signal was received 4,573,452,772.239 years ago. A Tribune is to be dispatched to investigate. The Authority will be maintained. The Authority will be respected.

Wednesday 17th September

Vortex cannot sleep. He lies awake in his home, in a nicer part of Brooklyn, thinking of the events of that day. His morning at CGAS Brooklyn at the historic Floyd Bennet air field was interrupted by the arrival of an enormous USMC Colonel wearing the insignia of USSOCOM. discusses the don’t ask don’t tell policy of the US Military with regards to metahumans. He makes it clear that they will be watching. Those that display talents of potential use will be welcomed, those that pose a threat will be eliminated. Vortex’s reverie is ended by his phone. The others have phoned him from Professor Caius’ office.

They meet up in the sky above the Coney Island apartment block where Emily O’Hallorhan lives. Fulcrum goes in by the street entrance. Vortex and Pyriel by the roof. Pyriel sets light to the marijuana crop they find and Vortex blasts the door into the faces of the crop cultivators as they head up to investigate. A very brief fight ensues. The team are soon re-united outside of flat 87. Entering reveals Red Jack and a bound Emily in the sitting room. Arcane symbols have been daubed on the walls and candles gutter on every surface. Battle is joined and Red Jack is no sooner put out of action than the room is plunged into unnatural darkness.

In the dark Emily transforms into Night Witch. She kills the subdued Red Jack and avoids our heroes attacks. Fulcrum throws a sofa through the wall and Night Witch leaves by the hole. Pyriel and Fulcrum go off in pursuit. Vortex stays to deal with the building. The fire department have arrived.

Vortex summons a storm to exstinguish the flames but this also endangers a police helicopter. He uses his powers to guide them safely to the ground and then heads off in pursuit of the others.

Pyriel throws Fulcrum at Night Witch. Grappling her they plummet together towards the Coney Island board walk. She teleports to safety. Her staff is lost. Pyriel tries to catch Fulcrum but can’t quite make it. They smash through the wood into the rubbish below. Pyriel flies up through the hole while Fulcrum makes his way under the planking to try and surprise Night Witch. Vortex takes up position on the roof of a nearby hotdog stand. She uses mind control on Pyriel who is forced, after a few shots, to blast Vortex. He is knocked from the roof into a shooting gallery. Vortex retaliates though with a dumpster that knocks Nightwitch senseless. Pyriel is freed from her control and her force field dissipates, he blasts her into unconsciousness. She is at their mercy.

Pyriel kills Night Witch. Calling on all his reserves he blasts the head from her shoulders.

They stand around wondering what to do with the body as the rain comes down. An expensive car pulls up with a driver who appears to have a tail. His passenger approaches them, dry beneath his umbrella, and discusses their problem. He introduces himself as Lucifer after a lot of prompting and offers to dispose of the body. He parts on friendly terms, leaving our heroes too it as the cops arrive. Pyriel flies to Iceland to dump the body in a volcano. Vortex makes a fog bank to cover their escape, he flies back to Manhattan with Fulcrum. They tell Professor Julian Caius what happened.

We end with a bag lady raking through a pile of rubbish. She cackles with glee as she finds a finely carved staff. Her good humour continues as she tries it out as a walking stick. Her smile fades as someone off screen announces “I’ll take that”. A blast of dark energy tears her apart.



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